Matthew Gomis, founder of PLR Watches, has been a wristwatch enthusiast since he was a young school boy in the late 70's.  He was initially captivated by the innovating digital watches of that era.  Such legendary watches as the "Pulsar LED Time Computer" and the "Casio Marlin" LCD sports range were left imprinted in his memories for ever.  Needless to say, mint examples of both the afore mentioned watches form part of Matthew's personal collection today!

As time progressed, Matthew became drawn towards the finer mechanical timepieces, restoring his first Rolex at the age of just 15. This was a stunning gold and steel Datejust with champagne dial (a timeless Rolex classic), which he wore proudly and cherished for many years.

Matthew continued to collect, exchange and restore watches as a hobby, but it wasn't until over 20 years later that he made the bold decision to give up his career in pursuit of his ultimate dream: to go into business as a luxury timepiece specialist… and that is how PLR Watches was born!

PLR Watches strives to make a real difference in its client's eyes. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best experience you will ever have when it comes to either acquiring or consigning your timepiece. We will guide you through every step, in a clear and professional manner, always with your ultimate satisfaction at the forefront of our every operation.

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“A watch portrays a man’s identity”


Work in what you love & you shall never work another day

Very true! Thats why we do what we do. To us its much more than just a business...

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