We offer 2 simple selling solutions that are outlined on the right hand side. We guarantee to make consigning or exchanging your watch both a professional and pleasant experience.

If you've decided that the time has come to consign or exchange your beloved watch, then there's nobody better to talk to than PLR Watches. We listen carefully to our clients and make sure we fully understand their needs.

Bring us or send

us your watch

We perform a fast

& free appraisal

We make you

our best offer

Decide on cash

or commission

Collect your cash

or wait for sale






1. Direct Purchase

    We will perform a careful and in depth appraisal of your watch based on its condition, original accessories and current market values. Then we will offer you the highest direct purchase cash deal we can. Should you accept, the watch is then completely of our property and consequently our sales-risk as well as our responsibility.

2. Commission Sale

    We sell your timepiece based on commission. It will remain in our possession, but of your property, until sold.  This can be a good choice if you wish to aim for a higher price but are not in a hurry to sell. As we don't tie up our own funds, this means no sales-risks, so less profit required - resulting in a more attractive sum for you.

Simple Selling Solutions...

Only then will we proceed with consigning your watch to your exact requirements. Starting at the top left you will see the 5 simple steps that take place during either of our selling solutions.


“A watch portrays a man’s identity”

Please note that we cannot

give accurate valuations for

watches by phone or email

due to extensive variables

that must be physically seen

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