Many luxury wristwatches today are minute mechanical marvels, and some very complicated ones at that!

Often people overlook the fact that

to keep a luxury watch in

good health, much the

same as a car, they

need to adhere to

regular service


If they are


it could end

up in causing

serious damage

resulting in a very

expensive repair bill.

This occurs due to complex lubricants drying up (coagulating) eventually damaging the tiny cogs and wheels in the

watch's mechanism, ultimately causing stoppage

or breakage! Most Swiss watch manufactures

recommend such services every 5 years. If

these intervals are respected, your watch

should easily last you a lifetime, or more.

Early signs of deteriorating mechanics in

your watch are  when you start noticing its

not as accurate as it used to be or it doesn't

run for as long when you take it off your wrist.

At this point you should arrange to get the watch

serviced as soon as possible to avoid any damage.

Why should you service your watch?

Some other services we provide:

Bracelet & case repairs

Polishing & restoring

Accuracy regulation

Battery replacements

Water resistance test


“A watch portrays a man’s identity”

If you’re in doubt whether

your watch needs servicing or not, don’t hesitate to get

in touch with us for free, friendly, unbiased advice.

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