“A watch portrays a man’s identity”

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The purpose of this section is to instill our zest for watches to the world by means of poetry! All poems are personally written by Matthew Gomis (PLR Watches founder). Each one tells a true and unique story about a special watch. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as Matthew enjoyed writing them!

Mesmerized is my state of mind,

This watch is just one of a kind,

A mechanical orchestra beats behind glass,

Silent, beautiful and of the highest class!

All parts hand finished to total perfection,

Working in harmony, without exception,

This is a timepiece for the obsessive,

Passionately built, strongly expressive!

For those in the know, it's an instant bond,

Conversation ignites on a passion so fond,

Like a secret club member bearing the sign,

It's a pass into another world deeply divine!

To most others it just can't be explained,

For us its an addiction, deeply ingrained;

A man and machine romance on another plane,

Once you've crossed over, it's an eternal flame!

You can’t put a price on some things you feel,

Which is why in our world there is no bad deal,

When a true masterpiece sits on your wrist,

Nothing in this world to you will resist!

A watch is a definition of lifestyle,

A sign that you'll go the extra mile,

It’s a symbol of personal achievement,

Beauty and technology in agreement!

Also an investment enjoyable and wise,

It can be a piece of nostalgia in disguise,

Or an undisputed pass to the high-society,

There's always a great watch in any variety.

A low maintenance asset, easily insurable,

A re-lived childhood memory, so adorable,

A great watch speaks many things of you,

It’s easily passed on to your loved ones too!

There’s not much else of size so small,

That when summed up really has it all,

It’s your companion, anywhere you may go,

No legalities, import taxes, nothing to know!

Mechanical watches go back before our time,

Many are still around in fully glory and shine,

Think again if you believe one day they’ll die,

A watch is not just a watch… and that is why!

As I sit with my feet in the warm sand,

I gaze out over the sea to another land,

It’s a beautiful day, I feel truly blessed,

So quiet here, the world feels at rest,

I glance down at my favourite watch,

My emotions rise by another notch,

Nostalgic feelings of childhood so divine,

Just as yesterday; same colours and shine,

Time so quickly since then has past,

But I found my childhood watch at last,

Over thirty years to reunite us it’s taken,

Well worth waiting, I was not mistaken,

I don’t know how, but it just hasn’t aged,

Simply stunning, like the very first day,

The deep gloss of the stainless steel,

The flawless crystal, its incredibly real!

A piece of history I wear proudly today,

A capsule with my childhood stowed away,

Ready on demand whenever I so wish,

To take me back to a time of true bliss!

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